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well it's old.or a good copy.... I keep seeing DGU but what do I know,not much ,I have the posters of the plowden and cessole and the hill book, soo all I am going on is pic's ???,so not much ,

what I see that makes me think that........

the drop or slope of the edge of the top, from the neck  into the shoulders to round and generally smooth curves

wide open cc bouts with just a touch of "drip" or "hang" on the tips of the corners,

short corners,almost as if corners were just made as small as possible,

 upper cc curve more of a complete feeling of a return,the oval being set at an angle to the center line,and lower bout sort of shooting off into space.

Narrow margin to the purfling edge relationship.  wide whites in the purfling,rather blunt looking miters,

the wildly asymmetrical ff's with a bit of widening of the top wing going into the upper holes ,

and the knife cuts to the outer edge coming into the lower round holes ,

the upper eye holes also look slightly elongated and tucked back in.with the widest part of the hole ,not at the narrowest point of the ff's ,

The ears of the scroll seem to start tapering into the volute straight away off the eyes,

  the scroll profile seems to show the saw cut profile,

while the ducks tail looks well cut,or hollowed into the southern tip of the central spine,

the saw cut to the bottom of the chin,and the top of the pegbox seems to be a bit straight going into the chin ,(not fillius?)

the scroll profile also comes across as very slightly" pinched " between the chin and narrow spot on the top side.

What looks like several layout pricks along the central spine and volute.

 also the top line of the pegbox profile seems to hang on the the outside of the curve down to the throat, rather than a straigh away dropping of the curve.

color looks good ,

Wear looks authentic

Problems, the scroll seems overly smooth with no gouge marks , , the lower holes of the ff's seem strung a bit low , the crazing on the scroll looks a bit coarse,

  did I get anything right? more pics would be nice ...did the owner have thoughts?

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Could this violin be antiqued?

Doubtful, unless carelessly treated by someone other than the maker. Is this not ex-"Wieniawski", c.1742?

(edit) One of the first sets of photographs of the unmounted top plate reveals a heavy layer of blackened rosin across the middle, so it has been effectually "de antiqued".

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A latter scroll by DGU?

the pic marks seem in place,

I've often wondered if the inside lines of the champher were picked and scribed ,similar to the profile.there looks like some going on here. on the treble side of the ducks tail about halfway up.

the ducks tail also carries a slight widening of the curve into the walls, not quite circular.

and there is also some of the straightness to the sides of the pegbox walls, that Sam Z wrote about in the Strad article.

I also see some of the cone shape of the volute walls

 Is it possible that  DGU have have smoothed off his scrolls in attempt to make them nicer?

   Did fillious scrape his scrolls at all or were all surfaces left off the gouge?

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