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Violin ID: Can someone tell me where (Italian) Craig mona is?


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I can't place the f holes.  Wonderful Sound, Strange Shape.  At about 4:58 the video below it is side splitting funny.  According to the blurb, there is a whole area of violin history of which I was unaware.


Q for MNrs: I have not seen any of Nicholas Marty's (short for Martiin :P ?) instruments for sale or at auction.  Is he related to Mr. Swan :lol: ?  Are there any of Marty's instruments around? Still worth playing?  Who was Antonio Stella bottom tile?  I fear I still have much to learn...




Here's the extended, second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adkWiJA9xR0  There's a sound clip at the end of the violin playing.


Apparently Ashens reviews toy products sent to him.  And the luthier for this VSO used a Chinese copy of google translate?  Which wasn't working very well? 


The kid on the cover does need to work on his bow grip, however - his/hers is neither Russian nor FB.


Jacob: No chance this violin is from MKN, I believe.  Wrong fluting, and no purfling.  I think this violin would be perfect for bassclef.  :P

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