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Hi all,
This excellent crack repair article really helped me out recently when a cello came into the shop with soundpost and bass bar cracks along the full length of the top. The repair work I do is generally guided by the Weisshaar book, so it was great to read some new (to me) material instead of the just referring to the same passage I've already read again and again. 

I was wondering if the maestronet community would be interested in compiling a thread dedicated solely to links of articles devoted to repair and restoration (of course only articles that are intentionally made available to the public via the author's personal website should be included). After all, this crack repair article was published in 2001, so I didn't have a chance to catch it the first time around (I was still in high school :) . . .). 

If everyone agrees that this is a worthwhile idea, then I think this may be a job for LinkMan! (at least to start it off.)

“Hold on tight” The Strad Nov 2001 article on crack repair
 By Andreas Hudelmayer


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Great, thanks for your help everyone. Jeffrey, I posted the article (first!) and wrote out a tree showing where the article would be placed in Weisshaar, closing with key terms regarding the article's subject matter.


The article I posted I summarized this way - 
Repair & Restoration -> Table and Back Repairs -> Crack Repair -> Studs, Small Clamps, Interior Crack Closing

This tutorial for crack repair by Jacob Saunders (http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/323753-19th-early-20th-century-germans-austro-hungarians/page-3#entry594426) would be something like -
Repair & Restoration -> Table and Back Repairs / Rib Repairs -> Crack Repair -> New Cracks, Guidelines for Good Crack Repair, Piecing together Fragmented Cracks, Rib Counterforms

Hopefully this will help you organize things occasionally, and keep you from feeling lots of regret about the whole affair in the future :).

Well, thanks again everybody,

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