Antique Wood Case Maker Identification *T.H.C

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Can't tell you how delighted I was to find this forum. 


I have a wooden violin case that measures 31" x 9"

It wasn't until this morning that I actually realized it had a mark branded on the back.  So faint, I can't get a photo.

It appears to be ...

*T.H.C. within a circle.  There is something else at the bottom of the circle but I can't make it out it is so worn.


The hardware is another question.  Not sure what this latched on to.  There is a tiny nail stub that allowed me to hook it closed.


My search has come up with nothing. (But I did find you :)


Does anyone recognize this maker?


btw.  The case is not in bad condition.  Inside has some "handy work" to it and original red velvet lining.


Here are some photos in Flickr:


Thanks so much.


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