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Bridge Tuning for Viola


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I am making a viola and want to know the knowledge of viola bridge tuning.  On the violin we tune its bridge frequency to 3000 Hz to improve violin's high frequency response as J. Curtin pointed. How about the bridge on a viola with body length of 41.5 cm?

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Nobody? Ok, well I don't measure bridge hill frequencies anymore. So with the viola I keep width at the top at 1.4mm  - 16 1/2+ =1.5, depending on how large the viola is the feet may stay the same width as the violin (4.2) or go up one- or two-tenths of a mm. The tuning process is exactly the same although I end up with slightly different geometry to the violin bridge by virtue of it being a fifth lower (and in that the strings being thicker). The main things are evenness and responsivess, and depending on the instrument some effort may be invoved to increase the volume, but moslty I am looking there ultimately for a balance. It is nice to have a loud instrument, but it is also nice to have the option of playing other dynamics.


Best thingg ultimately is to try what you think will work and see if it does! There's no real shortcut to the learning process, and no magic bullet. There are many approaches that can be equally good, and one of the enjoyments of playing other peoples instruments is seeing where they are coming from and appreciating the differences - especially when the overall quality gets as high as it has been in recent years.

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