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Advanced 1/32 violin


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I'm apologizing in advance...I'm having my first coffee of the morning...I'm on holidays...and I had to laugh...and share ('cuz my better half doesn't quite get it...but then again I don't get his excitement over new golf clubs and innovations either...)


This is an advanced 1/32 violin (yes I know what it means...but I chose to read it 'wrong')...which just confirms what I already knew...that children aged 1-5 (the target consumer of this size instrument) are potentially better players than I am...


Now...what actually caught my eye was the bright yellow accessories...which caught my eye in a bad way...


Is this some staining trend I haven't yet come across...or just an experiment gone wrong...or is it just intended to appeal to the aesthetics of the toddler crowd?




And why no fine tuners on this instrument?  No room?  Not of use? I have no experience with instruments smaller than a 3/4, so I really don't know...

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I think, but of course it's only an opinion, that selling 1/32 "advanced" violins for 1-3 years old children is like selling an "advanced" low speed electron collider to lay people in the hope that one of them will discover a new physic law :)  think that most of the greatest violin players started taking violin lesson between 5 and 7, probably with no less than a 1/4 violin (or even larger)...

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