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Virus alert when joining to forum


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It might be that it comes when I join here from google and going straight to forums - pegbox.

At least this has not happened yet when I go to the main site first.


My computer should be clean.


Me and many others had same type of proplem in the finnish auction sites earlier this year, when joining in site trough e-mail link.

It then redirected and alerted something.


And like I said it only happens when I join here.


But I dont know if anyone else havent got this same issue.

If I figure it out, I let you know.

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I don't know if this is at all related, but.... Recently, whenever I use google to search something on Maestronet (eg, entering "corner blocks Maestronet"), the first thing that appears on my screen (not in my search results) is a totally unrelated and suspicious-looking webpage.  I close that and reenter my search, and the Maestronet results usually appear on that second try.  ???



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Thanks. Yes, that's the kind of redirect -- just tried it again and learned that I had wond a $million!   I had a virus related to redirect a couple years ago but got it off my machine.  The only time I see it is with MN, but clearly it affects other sites, too.



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