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Jacob, You will see I have posted about a similar issue below without getting a reply.
You seemed to have found a temporary fix?
It has not been resolved for me.

I don't like that little button you discovered and what it does.

I still stick to using another browser such as Google Chrome.


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Jacob; What happens when you hit the link button and try?

Jeffrey, If I might reply to your question, since you asked Jacob.....


If I try to quote, nothing happens.

If I try to link, I get the following, which freezes the screen and is only resolved by exiting Explorer completely.

(As I mentioned above, this only occurs with Windows Explorer. With Chrome it works perfectly)



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The problem is caused by a script error in the editor software, specifically, "ckedit.js". There are numerous statements in the file that are incompatible with Internet Explorer 11.

The work around, as Jacob already discovered, is to turn off the advanced features of the editor. This is the tiny light switch in the upper left of the editor tool bar just above the box where you enter text.

This will enable you to copy and paste stuff into the text box, and the quote/multiquote buttons below each post will insert the quote into your reply surrounded by BBS tags. You can flip the switch back on to see what it will look like when posted, then switch it back off to continue editing.

Using most of the tool bar buttons while the switch is in the ON position will hang the browser. So don't do that.

To insert an image, try

[ img=url to image ]


A URL link would be [ url=webpageurlgoeshere ]Title of Link[ /url]

Poem for Carlita

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Q: When is a Standard not a Standard?

A: When it is an Internet Standard!

This is especially true in the world of competing browsers. Until the author of the forum software decides to track down and correct the problem, you are stuck using an alternate browser or entering link and image codes manually.

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