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Violin from Saxonia


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Hi everyone, in 70s decade my grandfather has given his old german violin to my father.

Im looking forward to sell it but I have no idea the price of it.

Inside is written G&A Klemm, William Schuster, 1795, Eukirchen, Saxonia.

Do you guys have any idea how much it costs?

Thanky you very much,


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Hi Ren,


The label may or may not indicate who actually made the violin.  Often they are misleading.  What will be most helpful in identifying the violin is to include a link to images of it (you can't post images directly here until you have a certain number of posts--can't recall how many).  Be sure they are in focus and good light, show the entire top, the back, and from the side.  Close-ups of the scroll and a corner, too.  If you check out some of the other violins that have been posted for identification, you can get a sense for what people need in terms of images.  


Identifying the violin is the first step...


Cheers, Paul

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