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Can anyone help date my Viola?


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Hello all,


I picked up a William Lewis and Son Viola for a song a while back.  I know it's just a student instrument but I think it might be pre-WWII and I'm curious if anyone can offer any more information.  I'm including a link to a photobucket album that may help.  I tried to get a good picture of the label which I believe to be origional and correct.  I also believe the Lifton case is origional to the instrument and may help determine when it was made.  I'm not trying to sell it, just trying to find out what I can about it.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and if more pictures are required just say so. 




Thanks in advance for any help,



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I knew when I typed the title to my thread that it would elicit some comedic responses, and you didn't let me down.  Thanks!


I was reading here: http://www.stevekirtley.org/liftonhistory.htm


"Notice the oval lock at the center of handle position, typical of prewar cases. Postwar violin cases changed to a square shaped lock and then moved lock to left of handle."


That led me to believe that it might be a pre-war case. 


Does anybody know if Lewis used the same model numbers throughout their history and if their label designs were different pre/post WWII?



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