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Professor Koch?


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Resident at Dresden, 1915. Delved into the tone quality of Cremonese instruments and by microscopical scientific researches identified a substance which is bound capillarily in the wood, and which is the cause of the striking and typical homogeneity of old Italian violin wood and determines the resonance feature of the old classical tone. Brought out violins, violas and ’cellos under the name of “Homogeneous Stringed Instruments”, 1920, claimed they were distinguished from other modem instruments by their extraordinary and characteristic Cremona tone, etc. Achieved wide publicity by soliciting famous virtuosi to publicly solotise on them, had high praise from Lütgendorff (who affirmed the nobly sweet tone, etc.) and other well known connoisseurs, also passed throught the armour of inevitable adverse criticism. Models of various old Italian instruments, sometimes absolute replicas in varnish and wear, and one named “Aeona” (for orchestral players) all splendid commercial realisations, impeccable workmanship, transparent oil varnish of different tints (dark brown, reddish brown, orange, red and yellow).
Prof. F. J. Koch/Dresden.
Anno 1922. No. 534.
Trade mark, a ring and arrow burnt in the wood, also the name Koch as though written.

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Yeah...I overslept unfortunately...

Here's an example of a real Koch


Caspace! you're the king of eBay  :) Thank you so much for the links. I 'googled' for a while but couldn't find legitimate images. Well if that one was genuine it'd have been a good opportunity indeed.

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“Koch” is pronounced “Cock” should anyone be interested. Three guesses where it was made


Don't want to kill the joke, but it is pronounced with "ch" like in J.S.Bach.

And that's my first guess, too:

1.) -bach

The others:

2.) Schön-

3.) MNK





I wouldn't be surprised, if this violin will be relisted again after short or long - the same seller listed it under a different name before, as a buy-it-now for something between Euro 2 and 3 k, when my memory is right.

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