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C.P.Kellogg ???

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Hi everyone,

  I am looking for info on a violin maker named C.P. Kellogg from Belchertown, Massachusetts. I just acquired a violin that sounds great but I cannot seem to find a lot about it. It is full 14 inches long, one piece back, seems like maple cut on the slab. Purfling is real although it looks a bit like it was done by an old man in some areas (it is a bit wobbly in the back and in the upper left corner it seems a little too straight going into the corner) and f-holes seem to be a little asymmetrical (the right is higher and narrow on the wings) maybe after a the Stradivari pattern from around 1717 onwards. It has a few repaired cracks on the top and bottom rib. There is not a paper label per se inside but a burnt brand instead with :



 Any info on either the violin or its maker would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.










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Kellogg, C.P. Belchertown, MA. Violin Maker.  Worked there in early 1800's.  Rather Narrow Hopf model.  Brown spirit varnish, thinly applied.  Inked purfling.  Plain domestic wood.  Branded label in center of back. 

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You will be happy to know that there are some of us locals trying to track down information on Mr. Kellogg. Here's what we have so's not much:


"Charles Kellogg, d. Belchertown, age 32. A jeweler with an office in the second story of the Brick Block, he developed great skill as a violin maker. A cello in North Dana dated 1835, bears his name. Inquiries concerning him have been received from two owners of "the best violins in the world" made by him."    -- genealogy card catalog at the Stone House Museum, Belchertown.

"The building [the Brick Block] housed the Post Office for several years.  Wright [bridgman], Jr. and Calvin [bridgman] both served as postmaster.  On the second floor was a tailor's shop and a jeweler's shop. Charles Kellogg, a skilled violin maker, occupied the latter."    -- Historic Homes Inventory, Belchertown Historical Commission, 1978.

From the vital records, we find Charles Pomeroy Kellogg died in Belchertown, 31 December 1846 at age 34.  Occupation listed as "cabinetmaker". His birth is listed in Greenwich Vital Recs. 7 May 1812. Parents: Amos & Lydia Kellogg of Greenwich, MA.  Siblings: William Smith Kellogg & Mary Abagale Kellogg. So, he was alive and working during the years in question, but he would be young to have made "the best violins in the world". Incidentally, Greenwich, MA no longer exists -- it was flooded for the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir.


There is a bass viol made by him at the Hatfield Historical Society, which prompted this search. We're still investigating and will share anything of relevance we find.

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