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Maybe someone else will explain! I like elephants in the room ... saves a trip to the zoo.

In the meantime, I feel duty bound to point out that it is possible for a Scotsman to play the fiddle without a drink in both hands - in fact we have a number of Orchestras (I think that's what they're called) in our country.

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Of course I won't mind, we will share a computer, too, and will have a lot of fun commenting online violin sales; afterwards possibily enjoy the Pilsener beer of Tyrol... :blink:

But I was under the impression, that Jacob was excluded of the competition? (I didn't ask for myself, if I was allowed, maybe it was more a quiz for oversea-members?) :)

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Blank Face,

The prize is a weekend in the Tyrol, bed & breakfast for two - it's seems to me that you and Jacob are joint winners. You won't mind sharing a room ....?

I’m sure I would enjoy a weekend in Tyrol with Blank Face.

I purchased my Böck Wölfelsdorf from a certain Mr. Papei jun. in Lichtenwörth a couple of years ago. I had been asked by a customer to go there, and look at a Dallinger violin he had for her. I had refused (couldn’t be bothered) several times, until (quite uninvolved) friends invited my son and I to go tobogganing in Hinterbrühl, which is close. The Dallinger turned out to be an old friend that I had restored and sold several years previously. The Böck was hanging on the wall, and I bought it there and then, eye to eye for cash. I am in the habit of buying these more rare things when they have an undisturbed original label, as reference evidence. It would seem that that is a frustrating indulgence of mine, since people still don’t want to believe me, even if I rub their noses in it.

I still fail to see an elephant. A stag locking his antlers with himself perhaps?

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