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Double Bass Tonewood (Spruce)

kevin Prestwich

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I have a bunch of Engelmann Spruce which is cut and split into sizes suitable for double bass. This is master grade wood cut from a tree killed in the "Blackwell Fire" in central Idaho in 1994.  This wood was cut into 52" rounds and then split into quarter and eighth segments which measure 52" X 12"-17". The log has a density of .33-.34 and the moisture content is 7-9% with straight, even winter grain lines. I have about 30 tops, maybe more. Available individually or potentially as whole. If someone wanted all of them I'd guess the whole load would be about 1500-2000 lbs. Individual tops can be shipped via USPS but if someone wanted much more than a few tops he/she would have to either bring a truck to Idaho or arrange freight. The third to last photo is of about one third of the total amount of wood available.  Individual bass tops are $400-$500 ( there is some variation of quality within the log). Cello and violin pieces are also available.  Price for the whole load can be negotiated.










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A few bug holes here and there. That said, most of the wood (85%)  is pristine. I just included a cello top (image #355, the last image) which gives an indication of the level of holes which do show up every now and then. Note the holes at the top and a few at the bottom of the piece. Note that this wood has been dead for twenty years and all active Spruce Beetle activity happened many years ago. Here is a quote from the Alaska Division of Forestry website at http://forestry.alaska.gov/insects/sprucebarkbeetle.htm   

  • "Spruce beetles will not attack well-seasoned wood and are normally gone from trees that have
  • been dead for more than one year ( though beetles and other insects may enter the wood). Old wood, free of spruce beetles, is not a potential spruce beetle infestation source."



 I hope this answers your question. 

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