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Another one of...what do you think of this?


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The name is a high end house brand of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy. (JTL)






Think some body added an extra 0 if I read that right its around what a Strad would sell for? 2 million euro? :D.

Probably copying this Emile Blondelet add http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/16874/lot/32/ for £2 000.  The neck looks too clean to have been used and its a bit over labeled to be real imo but could be wrong :D

European usage of comma for decimal point.  It's 2600 euros.

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This is an H Emile Blondelet ....

As Violadamore says, a high end JTL - missing its label but otherwise kosher, and not particularly expensive.

Blondelet wasn't a maker - it was a trade name "borrowed" from one of the board of directors of JTL. Also used on better JTL silver-mounted bows.

Always branded below the tailpin in that serif font.

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Hi bcncello - this is very common on good French trade instruments.

The "Viotti Essaye" series is numbered, Georges Apparut had about 3 different number series going at the same time (though this wasn't strictly speaking a borrowed name), there are a few more that I can't recall of the top of my head. I think it was a way of implying higher quality. 

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I am new to this forum but I happened across this thread. I am doing an estate sale for a friend and she has a violin labeled H. Emile Blondelet 1926. It has some condition issues that need to be taken care of. I took it to a luthier and was told that the repairs would be in the neighborhood of $550.00. I am not familiar with violins so I am pretty clueless as to what to do. My friend was offered $400 for the violin but, since she found some listings on the internet for much more, she is not taking the $400. She wants to get an appraisal but I can't get any of the appraisers in the area to answer my phone calls.


So, my question to you is how can I figure out what the value of this violin is?


I sure would appreciate any assistance you can give me.





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