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One of the best parts of being here is seeing the work of others. I came across this very fine profile of Helen Michetschläger's work on Vimeo. The whole story is lovely and there are particularly good segments on varnishing -- in fact the video is dedicated to the memory of Koen Padding.


The film maker, Eamon Urtone, deserves a call out too -- for producing a fine film. The video capture and production tools available today really do make it easier for young talent to tell compelling stories.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.





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Helen Michetschlager




"Standing from left to right:

Maurice Bouette, Joe Thrift, John Dilworth, James Rawes,Patrick Webster, Malcolm Siddal, Koen Padding, Anne Houssay, Loise Round, Dave "Paganini", Julie Reed, Roger Hargrave, Paul Weiss, Andrew Fairfax, Ron Thewlis, Brian Stone, Patrick Jowett, Gordon Stevenson, Bill, Glen Collins.


Sitting from left to right:
Brian Lisus, Lionel, Mervin Frost, John Johnston, Juliana Nicholson, Helen Michetschlager, Hans Johannsson"



Tribute to Koen Padding

Started by Roger Hargrave, Aug 15 2012 06:04 AM


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'' I'm not completely fixed on this.  I still have some of Koen Padding's stuff left, so mainly I just use his sealer.  I also sometimes use Rosin Oil, as I like the reflectiveness under the varnish.  I think I'll be using that more when I run out of the Magister sealer.  Mixing it with oil varnish is a good idea, ''

Cheers to Helen !

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i just watched the video again and, I'm really, really impressed with her varnishing. Her results look absolutely ideal to me. See especially the last 30s or so of the video. The filmmaker did a fine job of capturing the impact of her varnis.

I saw her work at the BVMA day in London last year and was really taken with the varnishing, very much to my taste.

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