Antique Octagonal Tourte Branded Violin Bow ID & 1 other

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Hello Everyone firstly i am new to this forum so i apologise if this is in the wrong place
i recently came across these two antique Violin Bows,
one is a Tourte branded one which i showed to some freinds and they thought it was of a very good quality.
it measures 67.5cms long and it weighs 50grams including hair and grip which i understand is very light for a bow, it is also octagonal all the way down the shaft
if anyone could help me ID this that would be great :rolleyes:
the other one is a round shaft non branded bow which measures approx 72cms long
and weighs 56 grams




Tourte 1



Tourte 2



unmarked 1



unmarked 2

thanks in advance

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