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First attempt at carving an Amati-style head. Finer chamfers, deep fluting (I bottomed out a no 7 gouge) and a narrow pegbox. The latter concerns me a bit, along with the A peg clearance. I tried to work it out ahead of time, but time will tell. Still a bit of clean up to do. Fun learning experience! 


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Hey Jim,

Shortening your corners might not be the full solution, or not the resolve at all.

Do a study on all of your posters and pictures of the relationship between the outline and the placement of the lower holes of the F’s. Use a straight edge across the tops of the lower holes and visualize the placement of the corners in relationship to their placement with the F’s. Do the top of the holes align with the plate edge?, the purf?,, the bee stings?,, further down? If that area is in proper relationship with each other, the corners would have to be ridiculously long to really be too long.

On a viola, adding a few mm in the C’s and shortening the lower bout will in effect shorten your lower corners without making them stubby,, Simply because the F’s will be pulled up a bit higher to maintain the stop length.

Not a big deal, just felt like telling you off a bit,,,

Now I feel much better!


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Thanks for your kind words and advice Jim and Evan!

I took the outline from the CT scan published in the S&Z book - I will have a look the the corners in relation to the bridge and may shorten. 

There are other issues with the model - the F-holes are too narrow to get a full sized sound post in easily. And the Arching is sooo scooped and quite thin in places

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