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I found these YouTube recordings by Cristian Fatu testing out some violins the other day (both modern violins and old).  For those interested in tonal qualities between different makers this is a reasonably fair comparison...or as much as it can be given the circumstances.


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Tsk...grumpy people. <_<   I found it interesting...and he's just playing these violins...he's not trying to sell anything.


Tangent:  While I play primarily classical I went to a Fiddle workshop last's really good for my ear training I find (I suck at playing by ear).


Two of us had 'lower level' violins that were also for sale...mine is an Eastman Dunov (that I bought as a spare, and don't use enough to warrant keeping).  It's quite nice. If I don't ever sell it, I'm okay with that too.  The other was a $300 fixer upper that I'd classify as a VSO.  The other gentleman wanted to see what mine sounded we traded.  His was so awful I couldn't play it right off the bat.


A potential buyer came by...and I could tell he was quite a good fiddler...who tried both violins...(and bought neither) but preferred the fixer-upper. :blink:

So...taste certainly differs between people! :D

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