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Authenticity issues related to my Horenstainer, 1799


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Since I've been away from the violin cosmos since investing my energy for decades in the piano, I wondered if getting a certificate of authenticity is a wise and practical route re: my Horensteiner, 1799, Mittenwald. Judging by dates of activity of various members of the Horensteiner family, it seems Joseph II would have been the maker, but how can one be sure. I read about lawsuits that have created a letigious cosmos re: the appraisal universe. How can an auction principle, for example, assess an instrument by photographs, etc. Isn't tone a primary focus, as it would be if I were selecting a piano?


I made a video of my Horensteiner using Brahms violin concerto, third movement. The baby violin beside it was spotted at a flea market.



PS My first violin teacher, Samuel Gardner, before I studied with Stuart Canin, picked this violin for me at a Paris auction house. (way back in the 60s)

Who are the respected purveyers of Certificates? (California, perhaps)



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