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I don't want a coffee-grinder


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After the recent (16.07.13) Maestronet crash, I could only get a page, called maestronet and „network“, which wanted to sell me a coffee grinder. This page is still all I can get (although they have given up with the coffee grinders) on my Laptop (windows 7), although the real Maestronet is back in its full glory on my old steam powered XP Computer. Is there anything I can/should do about this, or will Maestronet return of its own accord on Windows 7 if I am just patient?

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If you can normally browse the internet on you windows 7 device, the browser is probably suggesting another www adress in the adress bar. Try to type exactly www.maestronet.com, it should not try to change to something else. If it does, you are not connected to the internet or the browser has learned another IP adress for maestronet. In that case you probably need to flush browser history (you will loose automatic login to maestronet and need to login again)

The problem with maestronet is that it's hosted in an unreliable datacenter. And it's also an open source project funded by adverticement.

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I think that the issue has to do with replication across Domain Name Servers (DNS). If you are lucky and hit a DNS that has the updated address (following the expiration of the domain) you will get here just fine. If you get one that does not have the latest address you get the annoying screen you described. What do you need to do? Nothing really, just wait so that the internet does its work worst case is probably 48 hrs. Then all your attempts will be successful because all DNS will have an updated address table.

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Jacob, I have enjoyed reading your posts.  I am still trying to figure out how one obtains a great auction deal. ;-(



If the DNS is the problem, you can merely type in the IP address - the dotted quad address - in the browser address bar, and go to maestronet directly.  Maestronet's address, at least from my location, is 209.162.253.l82.


You can get maestronet's address anytime by opening up a command prompt (in Windows), and typing ping www.maestronet.com  Or you could use tracert and <IP address> or <web address> which will tell you how far you are able to send packets to the destination, if not reach it.


The answer returned, if maestronet is up, should give you the address. 



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