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Hornsteiner, 1799, Mittenwald


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I can't find my original post about my Hornsteiner 1799, Mittenwald. In any event, how does one get certification when it seems this is a task few do. The latest I heard was that there is so much liability in these certifications, since the maker is not living. Yet the contour, grain, finish, etc of the instrument plus tone should give clues. I wish I could post pics of my Hornsteiner, but I don't know how, so instead I'm including a link to footage that showcases the violin


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I'm not sure what your question is. But if you want to learn more about this particular violin I suggest taking it to Feller in SF. A completely different shop than Ifshins, worth it just to see another perspective. I don't know what he does when it comes to certs/appraisals etc, but I think he knows a lot about this type of instrument

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