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Thanks for the tip,

I use two homemade flat chisels for bass bar fitting. (bottom right corner of the picture)
I think they work quite well for the purpose.
The edges are bit rounded so it's possible to cut small bits.
It's also possible to remove larger flatter areas by laying the chisel almost flat and cut with a slicing motion.



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You can also try Peter K-G varnish. I will give you a bottle for free when I have cooked some more this summer.


Same properties:


No Solvent

No Catalyst

No Pigment (if you don't want to)

Rich Color

Very (Extremely) Transparent

Easy to Apply (with your fingers and palm of your hand)

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Yes, these varnishes are expensive, but I don't really want to cook varnish myself.
Of the different commercial varnishes I have tried i liked Joe Robsons' the best for looks (not ease of application)

Thanks for the offer, I can give you some home made madder lake in trade!

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The varnish was slow to dry, but I set up the violin yesterday. It seems not to be the loudest violin but nice sounding, I think.


Good practice violin.  Mine is too loud so I can never really dig in with the bow.  My son would say the violin is too red but this is the color I like.  Very nice work.  How wide (the gap you put the sound post through) are your f-holes?



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Some progress with varnishing the viola. 
I made a "drying box" with two uv led strips in a metal pipe. It seems to work well. 

The varnish is a couple of layers of Peter KG's oil varnish (nice stuff :) and then a bit of Eugene Holtiers brown varnish colored with madder lake. 
The ground is Old wood refractive ground on top of  casein emulsion.







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