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Problems buying string on INTERNET


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I bought on 3 of May a set of strings by Internet to "Go Strings" store. In my account I read my order as "Pending Shipment" so I mailed to Go Strings three times whithout response.
Now I am calling  by Telephone and nobody pick un the phone.
¿Is there any problem whith this supplier?
Thanks for advance for information


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I don't have any visibility into the internal operations of this outfit, but it is undeniable there have been numerous complaints about this vendor online relatively recently.  Mostly issues like late or non-delivery of items ordered.


The owner of this company is now involved in a lawsuit over a consigned fiddle that was "lost."  It seems the troubles started then.



I don't know where you are located but there are plenty of other outfits online offering strings at similar prices.

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If you paid for your order using a credit card, then just notify your bank that you've not received the goods you ordered and you've attempted to contact the vendor multiple times.  The bank that issued the card will take care of matters and credit back your account.

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I had a fairly large order in with Go Strings earlier in the year (about $600). After numerous emails (some unanswered, some obvious delay tactics) I realised there was something wrong and managed to get my money back using the Visa dispute process. Another violin shop here wasn't so lucky - they never received 2 big orders totalling over $1000. But they'd used PayPal and it was past the 45 day resolution date so they lost their money.


I would strongly advise people to avoid Go Strings.

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I hope that it is OK to post a link to another forum here.  Since it is highly relevant, I am going to post a link from the cello forum (mods, feel free to delete if necessary, of course):




I advise anyone considering ordering from GoStrings to read the thread first.  I did not participate in the thread, but I did have a long-delayed order with GoStrings, which in my case finally did arrive safely.  Apparently, others were not so lucky.



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