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Some progress on violin, but have been sidetracked again by distractions...

There is a lot of wood to come off so it looks like the shake will carve out of the nice billet of split Engelmann (old Sitka on the left).  I started the exercise with the intention of completing both tops and doing a compare-and-contrast as a playable violin (same back etc)...but I have limited patience.

Some progress.jpg

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4 hours ago, Jim Bress said:

What did you measure? 

Different densities when I hold them in each hand (and I even do a crossover test). I measure very little with gauges, except when I am baking - shame on me.

I would say that it is rather a mug's game to believe that everything can be controlled between 2 finished plates so that only one variable, such as wood density, is different. 

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I have been interested for some time in the ‘type’ of sound from different kinds of woods, as opposed to just loudness. The problem is that of controlling the variables - l am too wayward to be bothered with details, so no rigorous scientific method involved.

In this case, it may just end up as ‘ I like this more than that when paired with the rest of the box and it was fun’. :)


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Interesting Janito. I took this photo some years ago.  Side view of Van Gogh`s "Wheat Field with Cypresses" showingn the thick layer of oil colours that gives texture to the paniting, making it almost tridimensional. I was surprised to see that there was no cracking in the thick paint (in some parts it may be 7 mm thick, or even more).  Van Gogh`s painting style and technique may have caused a shock in his time, he sold just one of his paintins in his lifetime..






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Clearly, there are good and bad things regarding media as Sir Joshua Reynolds found out!  I made a pig's ear of varnishing a cello when I added an essence that prevented it from curing over a period of more than 20 years (see earlier posts in this thread).  

I was amazed by the example of safflower weeping from the paint blob - a very cautionary tale regarding choice of components for a varnish.  Materials may leach from containers that could have a deleterious effect on a varnish.

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On 10/19/2017 at 9:27 PM, Janito said:

Baguetti Bugatti with go-faster aerodynamics.

I reread the section on baguettes in Bertinet's 'Crust' and I must inform the general public that the misshapen loaf in an earlier post of 19 October cannot under any circumstances be labeled a baguette because it does not have the official 7 slashes necessary for such a designation.

Nevertheless, it tasted great!

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On 6/23/2018 at 7:08 PM, Janito said:

Finally pulled my finger out (after many distractions) and got back to the 16 1/4" viola top.

It's been fun to check how my 'eye' has held up after the gap in making ( no templates used) - quite pleased that I have not completely lost it!

This is my own design for a 16 3/8 viola, so I have been testing F hole placements prior to finalizing the arch.

Edges are still crude.

F hole placement.jpg

Viola arching_front_almost final_no templates.jpg

Viola front_side arching_almost final.jpg

Viola arching_back_almost final_ no templates.jpg

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