Contemporary Italian Violin Makers

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years ago when I showed some instruments to a prominent but rather dull musician he declared 'you'll never succeed because your name isn't Italian enough'


I find it especially heartening and amusing that one of the more successful violinmakers working today is Sam Zygmuntovitsz. 


I think that regional distinctions are mostly irrelevant and barely exist anymore. Perhaps who you studied with and where you've worked is more important than the number of vowels in your name.



Oded, I've heard the same. In my case I find it interesting because although my father is Irish, my mother was Italian. I have had more than one person try to convince me to use her last name instead.

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Re Scrollavezza, a friend of mine who wallows in the world of very expensive instruments came back with a violin from the Scrollavezzas (I'm unclear on if there is one or more right now), and said it was the best violin he'd ever had.  But a year later I asked him about it and he had already moved on.  I don't think that speaks badly for the violin; just that violinists who have access to a lot of violins can be a little fickle.  I believe his first impressions were correct.

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So, you're not doing a lot of making, but in your spare time you make cellos.  At the risk of my exaggerating only slightly, that's like saying one isn't into boat building but in one's spare time builds yachts.

I'm not doing a lot of making. If I was full time on cellos I'd have to turn out five or six a year if not more.


All this would have to fit in between the skyscrapers, the suspension bridges and the highways I do in my spare time. :lol:  

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On 10/20/2019 at 3:14 PM, Eliot L. said:

Dear Micheal, where to find a violin of LUCA Sbernini? 

Sorry for my late answer. Well i don´t know where to find, but you can contact him. He works with his daughter Adele above the Lago Maggiore. (include the amazing view over the Lake.

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