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neil ertz's bench

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looks great!

Peter Infeld strings? Never tried these for viola - you like?

Thanks John...these are the PI strings from tomastik...I've tried the violin ones but wasn't totally convinced but the viola ones seem to work really well and I've used them now on the last three violas.


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It's hard to believe that Neil is gone. I just saw him a few weeks ago, and was looking forward to having some pints at next months fiddle fest. He was a very kind man, and extremely generous and helpful. It's so very sad to know he's gone.

My heart goes out to his family...I only met Neil twice and it feels like a big hole left behind today.

Rest in Peace, Neil. And thanks for everything.


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I'm completely shocked I can barely even type. My heart-felt condolences to Neil's family. I never met Neil in person, but we corresponded regularly about a shared love of fine tools an violin making. Neil was tremendously generous with his time helping me understand the basics of varnish making (something that became invaluable as I worked on a research project  published a couple of years back).
From the warm sentiment here and on Facebook from his customers and friends, Neil leaves a beautifully family, and customers who loved his work. 
Neil you've inspired a generation of violin makers through your generosity, inspiration and kindness. You will be missed.


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A very beautiful funeral service was held for Neil today at the historic and magnificent  St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. Lovely music was played; much of it on Neil's fabulous instruments. The service was very well attended with many musicians and luthiers joining Neil's friends and family with some incredibly moving spoken tributes. He certainly was held in VERY high regard as a luthier but even more so as a fine, kind  man of exceptional, unique character and in particular a dedicated family man.  


On a personal level he was a good friend who inspired me, counselled me, and made me laugh...(and we liked a gossip too!), and I will miss him greatly..... ( for instance my first reflex on getting home from his funeral was to phone him and tell him how it went!). I first met him in the mid 90's and liked him immediately....I found out, talking to people today that this initial reaction to Neil was a very common theme in folks experience of him.


 At a later date I might write some more in tribute to Neil as a luthier and some thoughts about his work but it will certainly take some time before I feel ready.

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On 5/13/2013 at 3:12 AM, nertz said:

After the thread about baroque fingerboards i thought i would post a couple of photos of the latest baroque violin i have just finished.....







Love this violin...anyone know who owns it?

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