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varnish as usual

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2 hours ago, joerobson said:

Between 10 and 300 hours depending on the varnish.

Wow, 300 hours.  I have some resin that's been cooked for 100 hours. Maybe I'll cook it longer this summer and see what happens. Thanks Joe.

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On 07/03/2017 at 2:47 AM, Wood Butcher said:

Some very happy looking people there! Looks like everyone has had a good time (or maybe just high on varnish fumes), and quite a range of different finishes.

Our goal in the Workshop is match the maker's vision, the instrument, the materials, and the application method.




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3 hours ago, lpr5184 said:

I've noticed you varnish a lot of these fiddles with the decorated inlaid backs. Who makes them?

This is a daSalo viola..15 3/8.... individually made for me.  This maker also does the del Gesu King Joseph for me.  You will understand that I cannot share the details.

His work is always top shelf!


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7 hours ago, lpr5184 said:

The woodwork and especially the inlay always look so well done and your varnish is the icing on the cake. Are you selling these somewhere or is there a place I can have a better look?

The most recent Viola is available at Korinthian Violins in Milwaukee.  There are pictures on my Facebook page: Violin Varnish Ltd.

Inside and outside the woodwork on these instruments is excellent.  They are made to original specifications.

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