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varnish as usual

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sometimes you just gotta have fun...

A present for my wife the gardener...a "3-prong digger".

Handle is wild grape vine...dried 3 years.  Finish is linseed oil + bone black then 3 coats of dark amber varnish for protection from the elements.

on we go,



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good eye!


I want the edges to be dark befor I start to varnish.  Then as I do edge wear...and any violin that has been played more than twice has edge wear...I do not have to contend with "fixing" the edge color...it is already there.


how do you get the edges to be darker?  Is it a stain? 

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I do this as part of my ground routine.  Everything I apply to the body of the instrument I do twice to the edges.  Then I add additional gray/green.  The photo-oxidation of the edges is must faster than the rest of the wood as it immediately worn upon use.


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No magic. Just a palette of colors and varnish to mix and match..and a very small brush.

On the palette: Ivory black, Payne's gray, quinacridone gold, Greek Pitch Brown and Balsam Ground Varnish.

Object of the game: match the colors as close as you can using the least amount of pigment possible.

on we go,



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