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varnish as usual

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Dichroism needs a molecular thin layer to produce an angle-dependent optical wave interference pattern of colors. The constructive/destructive wave interference produces colors. Oil films on water are the best example. Varnish layers are orders of magnitude too thick for dichroic effects.


One of the intriguing properties of many gemstones is an optical phenomenon called pleochroism. It refers to gems that appear to have different colors or depth of color when viewed from different angles.

Pleochroism is caused by differing absorption of light rays in doubly refractive crystals . . . Some pleochroic gems are said to be dichroic - displaying two different colors; kunzite is an example.


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2 hours ago, Michael Szyper said:

Holy sh... Joe your varnish is incredible! Is there some brown added or is it all the cochineal? 

Thanks Michael.   These are all just the Stradivari Cochineal and Base Varnishes in differing applications.   Nothing else added.

on we go,


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