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Gluing in the bar.

I  roughly pre shape bars at a very early stage during the fitting process ( but they are no way actually finalized in shape at this point)


This has one advantage of minimizing the height of the bar at gluing time so the clamps have the least possible leverage to twist the bar away from perfect fit.


The top of the bar is shaped in it's cross section a bit like a finished bar to help ensure even cramping pressure.


For fitting the bar I glue cleats to the belly to secure it's exact position. I also mask off the wood around the bar with masking tape to protect the belly wood from glue and allow a hasty application of glue when the time comes.



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Not entirely bench related but in the last few days I was very lucky to buy an Inca Euro 206 bandsaw in very nice condition and ready to use. It turned out to be quite an emotional experience because the saw was being sold by the widow and nephew of the original purchaser who had looked after it very well indeed. When I told them what I was going to use the saw for and that it would have a good home in my workshop for the next 30 years hopefully... they told me that the original owner being the type of guy he was would have wanted me to have the saw for free if he had known...Naturally I insisted I pay the agreed price and I will send them a picture of the saw in my workshop. But there is more than that. This tool has arrived in my workshop with a sense of good toolness but also good Karma....I can almost sense the patience and attention to detail of the previous owner. To my sensibility  I bought more than a tool or object. 


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Nice!  Were you able to make those cuts with your "new" bandsaw?

Hi Jim,

A selection of blades for my 'new' Inca saw arrived from Tuff Saws on the morning I did this cutting work but I used my current shop saw. It was a hard temptation to resist setting up the 'new' Inca but I knew that once I started playing with it I'd be obsessed with the thing all day so I resisted the temptation and made sure I got some violin making was not an easy choice to make  :(

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Melvin, I always "linger" over your photos.


So very very attractive.  Can I ask... your maple work seems rather heavily contrasting in colour.  Do you stain it?




Many thanks for your encouraging comments.

In this case I think we just have incredible figured maple. It was a nightmare to bend for ribs but now it shouts a lot. My ground is very much influenced by Koen Padding and what he told me. There is some penetration of sealer and varnish into this maple but only maple of this quality will show this effect There is no burning.





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