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I'm still completely lost on how you could tune this plate, when the underside is still flat?

I can understand that, because it is not public information. The technique is the same. Hold the plate at nodal line and tap in the middle. Or find nodal lines at a certain frequency with tone generator. It's preferable to do both.

I can post a picture later


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Almost finished tuning, (600 Hz is not the right frequency). I can't finalize until i get a better MC% meter.


post-37356-0-44729000-1386620648_thumb.jpg post-37356-0-54762800-1386620666_thumb.jpg post-37356-0-48751900-1386620679_thumb.jpg


Don, as you also use to say; It depends on what you want to do. I want to have M5=345 Hz instead of 370 for the same kind of graduation and weight. Plus i want to have low volume (higher density) so it is not so sensitive to climate change.

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Doesn't strike me as useful beyond calibrating how well you understand wood removal affecting taptones, in a general sense.


I'm not sure what you mean, but I use it for replication. For now I'm going to make some violins with plates having M5 of 345 Hz and weight close to 65 g/95 g. (Violin 5 was 67 g/ 97 g, 345,343)


Another thing i find very interesting is that it kind of forces the arch to be "Cremonese" style without using templates, Every plate turns out different but with this distinct elegancy


Compared to Plowden:


post-37356-0-53147200-1386655362_thumb.jpg post-37356-0-67321800-1386655063_thumb.jpg

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MC7825PS moisture meter (140 €)


Temperature was down to -10 C for some days, but it's plus degrees again and humidity is back to 35%





MC% in back plate is between 5,5 - 7 %

Search mode (density table 600 Kg/m3)


Generally all wood pieces in the workshop is between 4,5 - 7,5 %

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Only if you don't glue in the purfling :) .

Are you planning to fix this, leave it, or know what type of chinrest clamps will be used so it will be covered? Or is it an exact copy of something that has this gap?

I like the chinrest idea. :^)

Seriously though, here it is in all it's varnished glory, maybe I'll fill it in with something.

Not big enough for purfling really, and it's gonna be antiqued too. What was it that C Becker said. Antiquing is just an excuse for poor workmanship. :)

Maybe it should but it just doesn't bother me that much.

Any suggestions? That is for the purfling not the attitude.


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