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Allison Krause needs work done on her fiddle?


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Players need to have a luthier which they visit regularly (like once a year) for a check-up of their instruments.


Luthiers need to inform their customers about basic maintenance, one aspect of which is regularly checking the bridge position and inclination, and to show them either how to maintain it themselves, or impress on them the need to come in for an adjustment if necessary. I do this. If the customers follow my advice, my checking and adjustments are free. If they are too lazy to perform this minimum maintenance, they get both an earfull as well as a bill when the situation requires remedial action.

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There was a bridge on her violin?




Of course, it's a little tough to make a diagnosis from grainy video, but offhand it looks like the bridge position isn't all that far forward relative to the ff's, it seems more that the afterlength is way long. I wouldn't be surprised if the fiddle is oversized... but it would be nice if it was standing just a little straighter!

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I sent an email to Alison's website about the leaning bridge. Let's see if anyone responds.

Aw, shoot, I wish I'd known you were gonna do that.  I'd like to ask her where she got that dress :) (And, yes, everybody, she was wearing a dress :P:lol: )


BTW, did anyone else notice that the video was shot in 2007?  That might be the Becker Duane mentioned.

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Guy Harrison made a thin plywood template for my fiddle that fits exactly between the bridge and the fingerboard indicating the right

distance and angle. Has been very helpful for me as I often play along with youtube videos and have to tune a lot.

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