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Ahh Christian, I was going to comment on how it seemed that the bow action was amplified.  Like power brakes, but power bow.  I see you brought that post on the bass bar back up on the Pegbox, and now I remember it.  Unfortunately, I wasn't subscribed to the Strad then.  I would have that saved. 

I have a low arched Alaskan Yellow Cedar belly that needs all the help it can get on the high end.  The Walnut back should help; but I'll give your bar a go in a couple of days.

The texture on your varnish is nice.  Many violins I see are still going for the bowling ball smooth guitar finish.  

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18 hours ago, christian bayon said:


Just to give you an opinion: I like this more than the other below  because the contrast of flames is not too strong. 

On September 20, 2020 at 12:31 AM, christian bayon said:



This one has a  ground which feels too white. 

Though i am not sure if this comes from different light. 

Did you use on both violins the same ground?

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