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When the varnish is dry enough, I use Micromesh 2800 to polish it. I´m little by little reaching the colour, the texture and the varnish thickness I´m aiming for.

Now, I will let it dry for some time, but at this point, at least, I have a violin for 0ne or two month, so the musician who want to try one can come to my shop.







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Love the color!  I have trouble getting a red violin that is a vibrant yet not in your face color.  Yours has that depth of color and clarity.  I see that you also varnish and then assemble your instrument?  What are the benefits?   I have seen other makers that do that and think I might try it on my next one, I am always trying different techniques and people always comment that my violins do not look like from the same maker.  Do not know it that is good or bad ;)

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For varnish the instrument at the same time I´m making it, I do this way since 15 years, I think I was the first one to do that on regular basis, even if Rubio was doing this for the ground, not for the varnish. The benefit for me are many, but I don´t think it´s convenient for everybody. I spend 28 years restoring and only 13 making, so, maybe, I´m not yet a real maker, just a restorer making new instruments. For the colour, I think it´s interesting to have the colour next to the wood and a lot of transparent varnish on top of it, it help the feeling of deepness. I always try different techniques too.

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