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Christian Bayon´s bench

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I was just thinking of you, and checked the Gallery out. Very nice as usual.  I really like the whole look.  The wavy horizontal lines on the spruce look cool.  Is that in the wood?  Glad to hear that you are up and about; and creating the likes of this viola.  I have a couple months where my basement is too cold, and THAT even drives me nuts.  The gloomy weather doesn't help.  

Keep at it, you are a modern day inspiration.  


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On 10 février 2017 at 5:37 PM, Mike Spencer said:

Christian, truly lovely!

I'm looking through the ff and see that it looks like the inside has been aged? If  so would you mind sharing information about what you use?

It's propolis in alcohol with umber and sienna earth.

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Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

I was fascinated by the purfling work on the back of the last viola pic. It looks like you made two, thin parallel cuts around the edge and filled them with something dark. But the space between the dark lines is the undisturbed maple. The effect is continuous wood figuring across the entire width of the back to the very edge, with the lovely embellishment of the dark-line edging.

Is this true or am I suffering from some optical illusion?

Also, did you use the same technique on the belly of the viola? It looks more like the classical dark-light-dark sandwich strip inserted into a single groove.


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Ctanzio, the viola is CA Testore inspired and the back is "unpurfled" only 2 scratch filled with ink. The Testore family was used to do this, but they always purfled the top (I have seen only once in 40 years a Testore cello with top unpurfled)

It´s a good idea, not for spend less time building but because the purfling make the top stronger but the back weaker where the neck is attached to the body.

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On 22-2-2017 at 5:37 PM, christian bayon said:

Viola finished today, Carlo Antonio Testore inspired. Back to health!







Christian, i am a colleque of Naomi who trys out your viola in the Ballet orchestra in the Netherlands. I was really surprised to see your viola in real! 

So i give you a my feedback from player's point of view:

Wednesday she played the viola solo from Tjaikowsky's Onegin really beautiful on your instrument! It sounds big, warm but also very transparent, a quality you seldom hear from a viola. Great job! 

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