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Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin - looking for info


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I've been searching the Roth threads on this site and others and haven't found an answer to my question yet.  I have a violin with a label that reads "Ernst Heinrich Roth Markneukirchen


anno 1925 Copie Antonio Stradivarius" and has a stamp in the middle of the back that reads "Ernst Heinrich Roth Markneukirchen" in an oval pattern.  The previous owner's deceased father bought it in the UK sometime in the 1920s (I assume no earlier than 1925). However, there is no serial number and there are no other markings.  I am trying to find out whether this is an authentic Roth, and also what model it may be.  Does anyone have information on this particular type of Roth label?

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Very few 1920s Roths that I have seen (in the UK) have serial numbers.

There are a few Maestronet members who are unusually knowledgeable about Roths. Gerald Stephen in particular is compiling a bit of a database, and would I'm sure be interested in yours if it's genuine.

Photos of the violin would be handy, also of the label and the brand.

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The label style will tell you the grade and year of the Strad copy.  I can't remember what the Roth family told me, but they told me that the print style labels are the higher grade models and the more coveted copy year.  The cursive labels are the lower models and less coveted copy years.

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