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new member here (long time viewer)


I recently had repaired a violin labelled:


Giuseppe De Bernardi

Fece Genova Anno 1907


Love the sound.  quite mellow under the ear but good projection so much that its become my primary instrument.






he appears in Lutgendorff's book but only as a maker of mandolins. My luthier doubts whether he made the instrument as he said the quality was outstanding in all aspects and has valued it for me based on the sound and quality of construction.  He suspects it could be from another local maker in Genova and mr.  Bernardi has just kindly attributed the violin to himself to sell in his own shop.  The other theory was that perhaps instruments were bought/traded at a trade fair held in Genova in 1906 (of which Fagnola was known to have attended).  Next trip overseas may get it checked out in London or New York.... I'm in Australia and no real experts here IMO.


So i am quite curious to others opinion on it?  is the maker bogus?  or similar to other makers who he could have aquired it from? 


thoughts?  opinions? 


thanks :)










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It looks like a nice violin worthy of further investigation, though pretty sure the label is bogus (trade or fictitious name) ....

Why not contact Alberto Giordano in Genoa - he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Genovese makers and would perhaps be able to help you, or at least exclude Genoa.

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I suggest you have a look at the above link in the first instance. If these folks don't have the expertise you require then perhaps a call to Charmian at The Violinery at Lindfield, Alan Coggins in the Blue Mountains ( near Sydney) or Les Belanyi in Blakehurst will put you on the right track ...... several experts in Australia .... you just need to know where to go       :D

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Since Australia is a long long way away and travel expensive, I think a trip to Markneukirchen would be more prudent.

My goodness. I'm starting to respect my own private thougths. It just looked too obvious to be true, I thought I was missing something.

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