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Mid-thread ads


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I have noticed that there are now ads appearing in the middle of any thread I open (see attachment).

I don't seem to remember this happening till recently (or have I missed something?)

If they are also appearing on everyone else's screens and that is Maestronet policy, I'm fine with it.


I just want to check that it's not just my computer that's picked up an unwanted add-on.




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At the moment, I am getting an add for Zip Strip from Amazon.com.   Since I followed a link to Zip Strip from a MN thread yesterday, I am not surprised at this one. 


It's sort of creepy how computer-based adds are getting to be.   I search for something, and I am haunted by popup adds for it for weeks.   I still have no explanation about the swinging singles adds, though.   :wacko:



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Here's a sample of my latest offerings..........

Was there some notification of this?

I find it mildly annoying but there is no sign-up fee for this site so I suppose.....




Understand it more if there was some relation to music or instruments....

Board moderator? Any response?

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It looks like the ads are also geographically targeted as well.

I guess this information is coming from the IP address rather than Maestronet..

Probably also reflects other browsing or interests.

I don't like the hint of intrusion this suggest but guess we take it or leave it.

it's only that I don't remember this in times past.

Our moderator seems reluctant to comment.

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  • 6 months later...

It's been 6 months or more since this issue was discussed.

In the interim, without me noticing, the advertising seems to have ceased.

Again there was no comment that I noticed from our administrators.

I've a few different browsers and devices now and they don't appear anywhere.

Anyone still have trouble?

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  • 4 months later...

My fear is that this is again the thin end of the wedge.

When they previously appeared they began to infiltrate every thread more than one at a time,

and once they appear targeted, geographically or orientated to perceived interest areas, I become concerned.

All right, I'm paranoid, the site has to survive by taking on advertising, I realise, but..........

when the promos bear no relation to the material being discussed or that attracts people to this site I worry.

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When viewing a thread, there are 3 ads that are presented. One is from Maestronet which is at the top of the page. There is then one after the first post and one at the bottom of the page. Both of these ads are presented by Google. Google of course tries to present an ad that is connected to the site and content, but sometimes not enough advertisers exist to always provide a "connected" ad. So, sometimes you will get a more "generic" ad.

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Really weird but just after I booked a series of concert tickets on one site

I come here to find the same series offered at a discount price at the bottom of the page here........

How do they do that anyway.......?

Easily - you allow it, allowing installation of cookies. I.e., look at the first line under the video: http://www.google.ba/policies/technologies/cookies/

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