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Hi everyone.

A little background, this violin is 1 of 6 violins that I have bought on Ebay as restoration projects (Sold 4 of those after restoring, I play one myself, and this is a violin that I now have available)

Ok now to the question. This violin that I bought doesnt have any labels inside, but it is made on the pattern of a Stradivarius. When I saw the violin on ebay I just had to buy it. It has a beautiful 1 piece flamed back, aswell as lovely flames on the sides. The button (At the neck) was broken off and gone, so I had a chance to do my first button graft, and the neck was not attached to the violin. There was a few cracks around the endpin, and I had to replace a piece of the wood there, giving me a chance to do a rib graft. I also had to do a crack repair at the top left side of the front plate. It made a very nice restoration project. (Im teaching myself through the internet and books, and Im practicing on old inexpensive violins that I buy).

I was wondering, what would the value of a violin like this be? I expect it to be German-made, but I'm not sure at all. For how much would a violin like this sell at a music shop or violin dealer who doesnt overcharge their customers?  I know its hard to tell without hearing the violin, but from the photos, is there any way of telling if this violin is more valuble than I anticipated?

The violin responds quickly when played, has a lovely, powerful, open, warm, sweet tone, and no wolftones could be found.

Thank You. Hope there are some information that someone can give me.




Links to photos: UPDATED!

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Kallie, your going to have to get better pics if you want some help.  Get pics showing the front,back,side and all 4 sides of the scroll to start with.  Take them straight on, not at any kind of angle at all.  Highest resolution with good light will be important too.  jeff

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I agree with you about the back. It is indeed very beautiful, and it is also the first thing that pulled my curiosity when seeing the violin on Ebay. My main reason for thinking it is German, is that there are so many violins that were produced there. Ive only seen copies personally which was made in either Czechoslovakia or Germany. So personally I have no proof if it even is German. 


Another thing to mention, most violins that Ive bought came with boxwood fingerboards, which I replaced with ebony fingerboards. This violin, however, already had a ebony fingerboard, which was also much thinner than some thick cheap chinese fingerboards, meaning the person who made it had to scrape it thinner.

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This seems to be a cheap Saxon "cottage industry" instrument from around 1900.


The "pedigree" and condition of a violin determines its price. The "sound" may or may not induce someone to buy it, but is not directly related to the price.


The market value of that instrument over here should be about R8000 max. That does not mean that there might not be suckers out there who will  gladly fork out three times that much. Don't go there...

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