New vise for violin plates from Veritas

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You know, the price doesn't seem that outrageous for what it is.


I bet you could build a lot of cradles that just use bench dogs for securing cheaper though.


It is pretty neat though, if I had massive amounts of expendable income I'd buy one just because.


edit: My artist friends are severely disappointed this isn't real.


I suspect my sister is going to send her husband into the base machine shop once he's back from deployment.

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Actually, Berl, it looks like a cousin of an adjustable lathe chuck. That technology has been around for decades. Still, you are right about development costs.


For me, this vise appears to hold the work too far from the edge where I sit/stand. I like to be up close to the plate. However, that's my personal taste. Nevertheless, I like the concept and sure I could get this to work for me.



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So, if it's made as a joke, but in order to make the joke, you actually made the thing (as it appears they did) and the thing actually works (as it appears to do), is it still a joke?

Why is it not an actual thing to buy and sell?

What if I want one? Would they not make me one?

I guess someone had a lot of time on their hands.

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