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I think this one must be french ;)


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Well, despite my inexperienced eyes, this violin shape looks to me of a different school than that of the Shoenbach / Markneukirchen one I'm so used to be told of.





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I had a Barbé for a few weeks which was wrongly identified by Hills in the 60s as a Gand & Bernardel - that might give an indication of the quality of the work, great wood, beautiful soft but shiny honey-coloured varnish, lovely scroll.

This violin however looks like a rather crude Mirecourt effort, better than some, worse than many.

Roland Terrier's site mentions F.Barbé as a trade name of Laberte, perhaps that's a clue ....

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I like the scroll. What is it you don't like?

Not that I hated it, but found it somewhat inexpressive compared to the body (amteur opinion however). Perhaps is as Addie said: it may be too round.


Martin thanks for the pictures, lovely f-holes and varnish color :)

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