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New string ID reference


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I have decided to make a new string color ID reference guide.


I need to alter some things already, but I cannot do it until I get home tonight. I plan to make the beads match the actual colors on the peg ends as well. (Ex.I believe all of Pirastro is black). I want to keep this up to date, and extremely accurate. If you have any changes that need to be made, or news ones that I have forgotten please let me know. Pictures would be amazing because I could just match hose specific colors.

Thank you.

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There have been attempts to do this before documented here, I'm fairly sure.


Actual photos of the string color windings is even more helpful but demanding to collate, I guess?

As you suggest it would be a constant task to keep it current.



Thank you.  That chart is one of the reasons I wanted to create this.  I play with Zyex strings often, and couldn't help but notice that the colors are out of date.  I thought of using actual images of the strings, but getting them, and making it look good on a computer screen instead of jut a bunch of random photos is quite difficult.  Maybe I will change it to that in the future.

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