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Making a double bass

Roger Hargrave

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Rene knows the owner of this bass better than me and I will talk to him about the possibility of drawing up plans. However, copying the bass and drawing plans are essentially two different things. This was not our remit at the time and I am not sure if after all that has happened we will want to embark on yet another project. The other alternative is for us to prepare a set of plans based on our own copy, but that will also take time and I am not sure if Rene would be willing to undertake this. Nevertheless I will risk a bloody nose and ask him.   

As for the technical reasons why the printing was not possible I will ask my friend who helps with these things. But I think that the advice offered by Urban Luthier (Chris) will work well enough. I am going to do this for myself when our new arrival gives me some time. 


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Has anyone had trouble printing the PDF of the Bass Book? I tried to print another copy directly from the PDF and I can't get past page 24. Wondering if it is a memory thing our printers or if something is amiss wiht the PDF itself.


I was able to successfully print the whole doc but I had to print through the Apple Preview tool on my mac which reads PDFs

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If I recall correctly there are two versions, and one of them eventually printed from Adobe Reader.   Used a PC and printed a booklet and a book without issue.  Didn't have to do anything else to the file or anything.  One of the versions definitely does not work really well, at least on the system I was using, which is when I tried the other version instead.  I am a computer idiot, just had a "by hook or by crook" mentality, gave myself two hours to get it done because I figured,knowing me, I'd have trouble, and I got it to print.  It's possible, I swears it.


My ability to print this when no one else can might be like how a mentally retarded person doesn't know that they aren't supposed to be able to lift up a car, so they just do. (I apologize for what may seem like an insensitive analogy, but I've seen it happen, and I know nothing about computers, so I find it apt!)

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Hi Not telling, were you able to print it from Adobe Reader directly or did you do what i did and open it with the Mac viewer and print from there? from Adobe reader, i can't print anything above page 24, not even a single page. 


I opened the 62 mb PDF in (Mac) Preview and Acrobat reader (OSX Yosemite 10.10.3) without any issues, have not printed it, but when I print preview it is all there on both programs, don't see why it would not go any further, perhaps an issue between your printer and Adobe Reader..or the memory thing you mentioned. When I from Adobe reader ask to print pages 26 and 27 it goes into Print Utility no problem and I can open the 2 page doc from there, so I assume there is nothing wrong with the PDF.


It opens fine on the PDF Attributes program too.


If you'd like me to do any tests I can try connecting to a printer later on.

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Thanks Carlo. Good to know. I'm able to reproduce everything you described above -- the only difference is it won't print about a certain page number. 


I was using the high res version also (Bass_Making_Part_12_150.pdf). I'm going to re-download and try again. The other thing to note is this docs is set up for a4 (euro) vs north american letter. Using the latter requires the printer to scale and this may cause a memory management issue.


i'll let you now how i progress





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The document (high res one) is not optimized for printing. The images are unnecessary big for paper view. For viewing the document via browser it's a good thing. It would be possible to scale down them with Adobe software but the document is secured, also so search engines like Google can't index the document text. I wonder why because it's public anyway via Roger's site. 


I printed the pdf document to file as XPS format first. I could upload this file for direct printing from a Windows machine here, but that would allow search engines to index the text and it might not be what Roger want as he secured the original document.

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Dear Roger!


I would like to revarnish my bass. I tried many varnishes, but the result was nolt so good.

I would try Your recipe, but unfortunatelly I do not have place to cook it.

My question is: Would You sell a quantaty of Your colophony varnish for me for a bass?

I am professional musician, it is only my hobby.

I am sorry to disturb You.

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...i can't print anything above page 24... 



...it won't print about [sic] a certain page number..



I have exactly the same problem.


Me, too.


I loaded the file onto a thumb drive and took it to a commercial copy/print shop that was unable to print anything past page 24.  Then I deleted it from the thumb drive, loaded it again and took it to two commercial printers who were both unable to print anything past page 24.

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One small addition the Bass Book project -- Roger just published an article on 'fitting a bass bar' on his site. This, along with the 'Edge work' supplement, provide greater detail on these workflow tasks. As a lifetime student of violin making, I think the bass bar article provides the clear explanation I've seen on this topic. Thanks again to Roger for sharing.



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