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Stolen - Nikolai Tambovsky cello


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I hope this is an appropriate forum to post this. If not, I apologize, and would appreciate some direction for a more appropriate forum.
Nikolai Tambovsky cello 2001 - Stolen Feb. 14, 2013 from the owner's home in Topeka, Kansas. It has a distinctive small rectangle of wood on the front upper bout where the maker filled a knot. The back is one solid piece. The pegs are a caramel colored wood (rosewood?), ornately carved, with little black balls on the ends. This is a professional-level instrument. The bow is a professional Coda bow. The cello case is a cream colored Bam hard suspension case with black handles and shoulder strap. The case also has wheels and a pull at the top.

Please see the photos at http://s1288.beta.photobucket.com/user/Johnny_Kaw/library/Stolen_Tambovsky_cello

Please, if you are offered this instrument, or if you see it anywhere, do the right thing. Contact local law enforcement and mention this posting. I have read the the thread in this form re: dealing with stolen instruments, so I think many of you have been in this situation.

You may also contact me at steve_pinkston (at) yahoo.com. Thanks for your attention
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The Tambovsky cello was recovered by police from a pawn shop on March 20.


Unfortunately, the thieves managed to damage the instrument pretty badly in the 5 weeks they had it (why? why?). But at least it is in a
safe place now and may eventually be restored to playable condition. Nikolai Tambovsky has relocated to Florida, and he may be asked to do the restoration work himself.


The instrument’s owner is very sad about the damage, but happy to know where it is now. She asked me to thank everyone who has helped
with the search for her beloved instrument.


- Steve


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