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Berl Mendenhall

Some random shots of things I'm doing

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The first shot is of a bass bar I've just glued in. 


The next is of one of the home made clamps I made probably 20 years ago.


Next is a shot of the jig I use to keep the plate straight, the arms keep me from having to glue cleats to the top.  This way I can chalk fit the bar and get it in the same place everytime.  Sharon Que designed the Jig several years ago. I threaded the plexiglass so I could tighten the arms.  This could easiley be made out of plywood and use tee nuts for tightening the arms.


Next I just received a couple of new 102 plane irons from a MN member.  I thought I'd show how I sharpen plane irons and chisles.

I got this system off You Tube.  It works very well and is fast.  It's a diamond stone and a Norton 8000 grit water stone.  The water stone cuts very fast, it removes scratches and puts a mirroir edge on pretty quickly. I don't usually use the water stone for knives and gouges because it wares ruts in it.  The stone isn't cheap so I try to save it.  For knives and gouges I use oil stones.


Next is a shot of the back of a new iron after being flattened.


Next is a shot of the stone after just a few minutes of use.  I cuts pretty fast, note the black water.  Black because it has iron in it from the plane iron.  I believe it's a very good sharpening stone.


Next, I keep a piece of soft straight grained pine on my bench.  I use it to set plane irons.  Much easier to adjust an iron on soft pine than ebony or maple.


Next, I've mentioned before how much I like these 102's.  They're so simple to use, no adjustment system.  I don't think those adjustments work very well in small planes anyway.  I just use a small brass hammer.  Lossen the blade and a lite tap moves it forward and a lite tap on the back of the plane retracts the iron.  Don't get much easier than that.    













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yes, looks good,  is that 1/4" plexi you are using?

It's 1/4".  Plexiglass is good to make templates out of and other shop stuff.  I made my oil stone sharpening station out of it.  No worry about leaking or damage from oil.  

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