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Glenn... I can't hide when I log in anymore....


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Hi Glenn


I'm automaticaly logged in when I come on to the site. Sometimes I want to remain invisible and then log in at will.

Please help out. This has been going on for nearly three weeks.


-Ernie Martel

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Try this:


1. Sign out.

2. Sign in again, making sure that you uncheck the "Remember me" box.

3. Sign out, and kill the Maestronet browser window.

4. Start Maestronet in a new window.  You should not be automatically logged in any more.


It worked for me.  If this fails, you may have to delete cookies and saved passwords for the browser in order not to be automatically logged in.

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where is the remember me box?...I just deleted all my computers history, passwords and cookies and MN is still auto-logging me in. Thanks for the suggestion.

When signing in, underneath the password field there is a "Remember me" box that is checked by default.  Uncheck it before clicking the "Sign in" button.

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