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I recently ran across a scratchy, partial recording of Paganini's Nel Cor Piu on youtube performed by Natan Bondar.



Apparently he is an Israeli violinist, but I cannot find out much about him. The playing the I heard really was incredible and I'm partial to Paganini...but I can find nowhere to purchase his music, or even any reference to recordings of it...or reference to him, for that matter.


According to the write up on youtube, most critics agree that he gave the finest solo violin performance since the major "Hall Ha Tarbut" opened it's doors in Tel Aviv in 1945!


Please fill me in if you have any info on this amazing musician.


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Are you trying to stir up a lot of trouble on this forum?


There was a very interesting thread here a couple of years ago involving this guy's supposed violin. Interesting in a way that will lock up the subject pretty darn quick.


In any case, without trying to be an a**, the recording is pretty out of tune, sorry to disagree with you on the quality.

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No, not trying to stir up trouble at all. I'm not aware of the controversy a few years ago. I searched the site for him, breezed the thread you refer to, but did not actually read it as it was not what I was interested in. 


I figured it was the recording, which appeared to be a tape recording of a scratchy record. It was slightly intriguing. I always like to familiarize myself with absolutely as many performances as possible of pieces I like. 


I like the rhythm with which he performed the echo-style section with double harmonics and the relaxed pace he took on the left hand pizz section. Similar to what Ricci did in the pizz. I enjoy that type of interpretation much more than playing it faster and harder like Repin. 

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