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URL4SHORT malware - warning


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Firefox on my new laptop was hijacked by URL4SHORT when I clicked on Maestronet/forums from Google.

This was puzzling because I have accessed MN regularly with no problems.

There is a vulnerability in the MN software that has not been corrected (as Flyboy pointed out in another thread).

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Funny thing i had this the day before Janito says he had it ,i was clicking from a Maestronet link in google. My Firewall ,Kaspersky, caught it whatever it is.

Has this anything to do with the problems trying to upload any photos and the inability to access any advanced reply options. I believe im not the only person with the problem. Html tags are all over the reply window as well.


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Ran full scan and a malware scan ,found nothing also!My wifes having the same sort of problem using her photobucket account,using the opera browser.I use firefox

I am also using Firefox, but others also seem to be having issues with pics on here as well. I am having the same issue with Safari so I am assuming it is this site.

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