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Plans for smller violins.


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Are there plans available for smaller(1/2 or 3/4) violins? I think I remember a post where someone stated that you have to take your 4/4 plans to a print shop and have them downsized. If so, what math do you use to arrive at proper graduations? Also, what are the percentage numbers for thedownsizing of the plans? Pals, Vic.

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Quite a few of the violins in the Ashmolean - the Andrea Amati, the Brothers Amati and the decorated Strad are all sub-normal measurements. This isn't the same as being precisely what we designate a modern 3/4 but it would be worth having a look at data from those to see how Classical makers thought of size reductions. I don't think it was as simple as them as reducing it in a photocopier. I've seen a couple of very small Ruggeri violins (one in the last Tarisio London sale) which just sound fabulous. As a general observation, which I will be more than pleased to be corrected on, these seem to have a lot of scooping around the edges. I can well imagine that a standard Strad arching scaled down would leave the plate too stiff for the vibrations to do much. Therefore, at the very least, go for a scoopy Amatise model. IMHO.

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The 1683 Cipriani Potter Strad is nice to make, you can get the plans from Ashmolean site.

Of course, you don't have to do the decorations, a bit blingy for todays market.

On refelction, I think some set up measurements for 3/4 are too small, I rather keep the neck and bridge heights etc just a tad under full size.

Here's one I made last year :

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